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How ever you call it, website design is the core activity that every company or individual needs to do if they want to be present on the internet market. The website is the basic and most visible representative of every business endeavor because it is present 24 hours a day, every day and in constant interaction with existing and future clients. Based on how good that interaction is, the business performance of the company depends to a great extent.

In order for your website to represent you adequately, it needs to be technically well made, well designed, clearly structured, well-organized, and totally appealing to you as the owner of the site, as well as to all visitors.

How to get a good website?

In order to create a good and high quality website, which will meet the needs of your appearance on the Internet, we need to do a certain procedure, which is easiest to describe in the next few steps:

  • Looking at the client’s needs – it means acquainting with the wishes and goals that the site owner has, then acquainting with the business activity of the owner, with mutual proposals, all in order to select the most optimal solution
  • Selecting the basic technical elements of the website – In a conversation with us, the client has presented the various technical features that a future website may have
  • Design suggestion of the future website – the client is presented with several possible design solutions from which he can choose the best
  • Web design – The website is made according to the basic instructions of the client and the achieved agreement

After completing all the basic steps, if necessary it is possible to upgrade the website with additional steps.

  • Changing basic visual elements – change of colors, fonts, layout of elements, etc.
  • Adding new technical elements – various widgets, plugins, etc.
  • Entering content – if the client has prepared content for the pages of his new website (Not copywriting!)
  • Search Engine Optimization (On page SEO) – adding SEO modules, optimizing individual pages for search engines

How much does the website cost?

Website design is often a complex task and requires specific engineering knowledge and experience, and the very cost of making a single site can largely depend on the complexity of the basic requirement. It is impossible to give a unique answer to this question, because each website and its price depend on the needs and wishes of the client.

Nevertheless, according to previous experience, we can define several general groups and the approximate range of their prices. In order to make it easier for you to decide how much your website should be complex, we will define the price ranges in the following groups:

First group means a basic website showing your business, but without the additional steps defined above. The price of such a site can range between EUR 450 and 550. Deadline is between 15 and 25 days.

Second group It means a business website with an web shop. There are different online store platforms (depending on the needs of the client). The minimum price of such a website is EUR 550, while the maximum is defined depending on client needs and it can range up to EUR 1,000. Deadline is between 20 and 45 days.

Third group are complex business websites, which include additional steps and their price usually ranges between EUR 750 and 1,200. Deadline is between 45 and 60 days.

Special group that includes complex customized solutions that are not common, such as various types of advertisers, social networks, websites with complex technical features such as different calculations, application add-ons, tracking, analytics, etc. Such systems range from a minimum of EUR 1,200, an average of about EUR 2,500, and often over EUR 5,000. The production period is over 60 days.

In order to define more precisely which group your website belongs to, please contact us to find the best solution for you!

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